Why are we doing this?

We are two skeptical geeks who

  1. never take anything at face value,
  2. scrutinize the evidence
  3. and share our findings.

Should we eat organic?
Is it safe to travel despite Zika at the moment?
Should you vaccinate?

If you want answers to any of these questions you could find them easily at the touch of a button. However, in today’s world we find ourselves flooded by vast amounts of information. And that’s where we come in.

We love science and numbers, and question everything. Nadine is a research scientist, and Marlene is a marketing manager. Together, we sift through the fog of information to provide our readers with the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Information can sometimes be very vague, and we will try our best to evaluate primary sources, to inform you how the data was collected and how studies came to their conclusions.

Good science is blind to political correctness and taboos. We hold ourselves to the same standard.